Offering Superior Local Produces at a Great Place

Enjoy Fine Dining 

Everyone loves Fine Dining! We don’t expect our customers to be any different. Because we’ve formed partnerships with so many local producers over the years, we’re able to incorporate them in our menus.

Local wineries and farm producers bring their high quality products to our kitchen to allow us to offer our customers their best quality and  fresh items available in the market.


Cooking Classes

Take an in-depth morning class about cooking delicious italian plates and finish with a great lunch on our terrace,  featuring exclusive tastes from our local suppliers  with your fellow classmates.

John can arrange any size  class for your family, friends or corporate events.

PD.  Unfortunaly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not able to offer any  courses yet, please contact us for any information. 

Local Tastings

Come to our seasonal wine tastings to discover the best offerings from our local wineries and vineyards. Don’t miss our quarterly winery tours, letting you see where our excellent vino is raised and prepared.

Amazing Samples

Join us during the cold winter days to sample some fabulous cheeses from our local suppliers. With years of experience in fine cheese making  , owners  match your wine preferences to the perfect artisan cheese. These annual events are a huge hit!